Welcome to LLHG 2019 Fete

LLHG 2019 Fete

LLHG 2019 Fete

Below you will find 12 anagrams of people buried in the graveyard. The names are on the display boards by the grave.

To enter the competition, all you have to do is complete the form below.

The Grand Draw of all entries will be made after the fete with the winner receiving a prize of a £10 book token.

Good Luck!

Clue: George V visited him
Clue: Sang in a choir
Clue: A potato salesman
Clue: Call the midwife
Clue: Killed outside Number 7
Clue: HMS Birmingham
Clue: Leading Seaman
Clue: Vicar of St. John's, 1950 – 1967
Clue: Fought in the Sudan war
Clue: married Ada Maud Taylor

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